Special courses for companies, associations and private groups


Exact content will be chosen according to the specified objectives, number of participants and the duration. Stress reduction and performance enhancement are two of the prime objectives for the professional world.

The course will be specially composed and planned based on the specified objectives and needs of the group.

Elements from Shaolin Chi Kung, Shaolin Kung Fu and Wahnam Taijiquan will be chosen to enable the agreed aims to be met in an optimal fashion.


Minimum half a day

Previous Clients

Banks, insurance companies, IT companies, service companies, medical organisations, and many more have already profited.

Out of discretion, we do not name specified companies or organisations.


  1. Suitable for everyone
  2. No previous experience required
  3. These courses are not open to the public. Interested companies / groups should contact us directly

For further information, please Contact us