Grandmaster Sifu Wong Kiew Kit

Fourth generation successor of the Venerable Master Jiang Nan of the famous Chinese Shaolin Temple and Grandmaster of the Shaolin Wahnam Institute in Malaysia, he was named Master of the year at the Chi Kung World Congress held in San Francisco for his publications: "Shaolin Chi Kung, an answer to incurable disease" and "Shaolin Chi Kung for stress management and peak performance". He was the only Chi Kung Master invited within holistic medicine, to the Twenty-second International Conference for Unity of Sciences of Seul, ICUS 2000, an event to which only top specialists and Nobel Prize winners are invited. Author of several books with international success, translated into several languages, Wong Kiew Kit has been practising and teaching Chi Kung medicine and Shaolin arts, Kungfu and Tai Chi Chuan for more than 30 years throughout the world.

Wong Kiew Kit, while being one of the greatest Masters formed in the pure Shaolin tradition, at the same time has developed a deep understanding for the modern world; this has allowed him to elaborate a pedagogic system particularly suited to western needs. Quintessential Shaolin Chi Kung is transmitted by him in a simple, direct and efficient manner. Simple because the exercises are very simple and anyone can practice them by devoting only fifteen minutes a day. Direct because it carries out, without intermediary processes, the functions of generating energy flow and massaging internal organs. Efficient because benefits are derived from the first exercises learned with Master Wong, experiencing the positive effects of vital energy flow (Chi).          

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